Proven Process

Janitronics Building Services has developed an expert and extensive management network to fully satisfy you with our performance, without you having to devote complete involvement in the process. Our management network ensures there are constant checks on the quality of work, and that any problems or requests will be dealt with immediately. We are keenly aware that client satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone from executive management to each individual line worker.


Janitronics Building Services, guided by science, experts in the field and industry taskforces has put together a comprehensive plan that takes into account the safety of our employees and client partners. 


This plan encompasses all aspects of janitorial operations, including cleaning, physical distancing, health screening, PPE, training and effective health-communication guided by research and current recommendations and guidance to ensure the appropriate response.

We will continue to implement operational best practices, following local, state and federal guidelines in compliance with applicable laws. Our plan will continue to change with each CDC update.

While the situation around this global pandemic remains fluid, and we expect this plan to evolve over time, this plan is meant to advance our mutual efforts over the coming weeks and months to align on and coordinate activities as we collectively prepare for the return to work.