Today, Janitronics maintains 40 million square feet of office, retail, high technology and biotechnology space through the efforts of 1,400 employees.

"Our on-site supervision and management network is unparalleled in the industry," says Walter Shaw. "The national firms cannot provide the same level of coverage, and attention to detail, which we do." Walter takes pride in knowing that his team of 22 managers often get mistaken for being part of our clients property or facilities management staff. "Ultimately it is our responsibility to deliver a great first impression when someone walks into any of the 200 properties that we service. We want to do our jobs so well that we can favorably impact someone's decision to lease space in any property which we maintain."

Walter's leadership has led us in developing a sophisticated Green Clean Program, as well as aiding our clients in their ability to receive LEED certification. As Walter states "Green Cleaning and LEED Certification create a better environment for our clients workforce as well as our own."

Walter started with Janitronics in 1987and has played a critical role with both employee relations and company operations.